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Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund ‘Sandpits’

This year we have hosted two Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund ‘Sandpit’ events, followed by a funding call for Biomedical AI proposals.

Causal Inference in Biomedical Research – 25th January 2022

At this event the following tutorials and talks were given. These can be viewed below.

  • Matt Sperrin  – Causal Inference Tutorial
  • Ricardo Silva  – ‘New Algorithms for Estimating Partially Identified Causal Effects’
  • Hui Guo – ‘Bayesian Mendelian randomization: a flexible approach to causal inference using omics data’.

Multi-modal Data Integration with Biomedical Applications – 21st April 2022

At this event, two invited speakers gave 30 min talks and thirteen sandpit attendees gave 4min lightening talks. These can be viewed below.

30 min talks

  • Harri Lähdesmäki – Deep generative modelling: multi-modal, longitudinal and missing data
  • Carl Ek – Latent Variable Models for Multi-modal data

 Lightening talks

  • Robert Sellers – A reductive Method for Spatial – omics integration             
  • Stephen Richardson – Machine Learning ivd biomarker             
  • Syed Murtuza Baker – Molecular profiling of signet ring cells using ST and snATAC-seq      
  • Sokratia Georgaka – Integration of spatial trancriptomics and histology image data        
  • Megan Sharpes – Modelling cellular developmental trajectories using single cell and spatial transcriptomic data           
  • Sophie Warrie – Machine learning for EHR and genetics data       
  • Harry Chown – Large-Scale Comparative “Omics” To Identify Novel Drug Resistance Mechanisms in Aspergillus fumigatus
  • Natalia Garcia Martin – Immune profiling and clonal evolution in colorectal cancer 
  • Anna Gavrilova – Intracellular transport in C. elegans        
  • Fayyaz ul Amir Minhas – Integrating multimodal data in computational biology and pathology  
  • William Morgans – Joint NMF for dimensionality reduction of single cell multiomics data      
  • Caren Han – Interpretable Medical Decision Support Framework with Multi-modalities
  • Michael Haley – Spatial analysis of Hyperion imaging mass cytometry