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Business & Management

Data underpins many different research activities at Alliance Manchester Business School. As a business school, the research of many academics in the school is practitioner focused and conducted in collaboration with industrial partners. New, emerging types of data are now often central to this work, especially in areas such as Fraud & Manipulation Detection, Marketing, HealthCare, Policy Formation, Manufacturing and Sustainable Transport.

The school also hosts academics with expertise in the cross-cutting areas of information management and integration, data analytics, and governance of big data. 

Centre for Financial Technology Studies

Our primary aim is to create a platform that will facilitate a two-way dialogue between academia and practice in order to pursue high-quality and inter-disciplinary research in the field of financial technology. Bringing scholars from various fields across the University together, we will make relevant academic research known to practitioners and translate findings to financial services and the FinTech industry as a whole. In bringing academia and industry together, we aim to develop practical solutions to the needs and challenges faced by the financial technology industry in order to make a tangible impact. The Centre will create meaningful synergies and research collaborations between the University and financial institutions, technology firms and regulators, that will push the boundaries of research and knowledge dissemination in the financial services sector.

Digital Transformation Research Group

The group’s research concentrates around research themes that are driven by the transformative potential of digital technologies including mobile apps and digital platforms, artificial intelligence systems, blockchain and new financial technologies, the Internet of Things, cloud infrastructures and many more. The group is multidisciplinary in nature, with members coming from information systems, computer science, operations research and decision sciences, marketing and strategy. The focus on the transformative potential of digital technologies is aligned with the University of Manchester’s Digital Futures initiative to engage in emerging research areas and to support Greater Manchester’s ambitions to become a leading digital city.  The Digital Transformation Research Group has direct links with some of the key digital initiatives across The University of Manchester, including Fintech and our Data Visualisation Observatory.