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The Institute has a number of mechanisms for linking to industry locally, across the UK and internationally. A wide range of opportunities exist for collaborative ventures in both teaching and research. Whether your business is a micro-company of just a couple of employees, or a large enterprise with operations worldwide, we have the resources to help you to find skilled graduates, arrange collaborative final year projects, or offer research projects based around challenges your organisation or sector may be facing.

We are always eager to work closely with industry on a wider range of topics. To create the perfect fit between your company and cutting-edge mathematical technology, numerous and diverse collaboration opportunities exist, as well as government grants to part-fund the research. Research collaborations can be initiated through the sponsorship of a PhD, or even a large-scale industry supported research venture. The University has a range of Knowledge Transfer activities, designed to part-fund research between the University and industry. The Technology Strategy Board also run a number of Knowledge Transfer Networks, designed to support UK businesses and encourage innovation.

Our wide range of schemes enables us to tailor our partnership agreement to your needs, in terms of timescale, pricing and intellectual property (IP) rights.