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Julia Handl

Professor in Decision Sciences
What are your research interests?

Operations Research, Optimization, Machine Learning and Decision Making

Translation of these tools into practical application contexts

What is the focus of your current research?

Multiobjective optimization in unsupervised learning; Graph neural networks

What are some projects or breakthroughs you wish to highlight?

Development of the first multi-objective clustering capable of optimizing a variety of objectives (MOCK)

Introduction of a multi-view clustering algorithm, based on many-objective optimization (MVMC)

Development of a scalable multi-objective approach to community detection on bipartite graphs (MEAN-partite)

What memberships and awards do you hold/have you held in the past?

Alan Turing fellowship, ELLIS fellowship, CLAIRE

What is the biggest challenge in Data Science and AI right now?

Fair AI

What real world challenges do you see Data Science and AI meeting in the next 25 years?

Do see: automation and effective augmentation of human decision making

Would like to see: contributions to addressing climate change