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Target the right students

As any marketing executive knows, an effective campaign is a targeted campaign – and our business engagement services include helping you find your ideal candidate by making sure you reach the right students and graduates at Manchester.

Targeted advertising

When you submit your vacancy we automatically email it to target groups of students and graduates who have registered an interest in the type of position you are offering.

Expert recruitment consultancy

We can offer you help and advice on how to: 

  • focus on students at different stages, from pre-university to postgraduate;
  • reach an international market;
  • recruit and retain a diverse workforce;
  • reach potential candidates throughout the North West;
  • conduct a successful recruitment campaign.

Meet and work with our students

Ensure that Manchester students know what your business is and why they should work for you by participating in our campus activities, or featuring on and contributing to our various online projects.

Opportunities for you to meet, assess and develop potential recruits include:

  • Careers fairs
  • Recruiter events
  • Skills development workshops
  • Mentoring programmes

You could also arrange your own dedicated event on campus, targeting students and graduates of your choice. To find out more, visit the employers and recruiters website.